Some dream projects from the Enrol Yourself team (involving: reduced working hours, regenerative farming, a fund for non-tech climate solutions, and more!)

We wanted to start the new year by sharing some dream projects for 2022 and beyond. Maybe sharing them publicly might help to speak them into existence?

The ideas for projects come from each member of our team, including newbie Katie who is joining us for 6 months to lead…

Using a peer-led approach to design… to design peer-led learning journeys.

Neighbourhood Economist learning journeys… what?

Enrol Yourself have been collaborating with CIVIC SQUARE to create the structure for a peer-led learning journey that will help people take the ideas of Doughnut Economics off the page, get familiar with them, and then put them into practice in their neighbourhood.

You can find out more about the…

Playing with eco-anxiety and emergence as part of the ‘Unraveling Time’ Learning Marathon.

When Edi announced that they were hosting a Learning Marathon themed around the concept of time, I was immediately attracted to the idea. More than anything else, I wanted to know who else would find it intriguing enough to join — and I wanted to meet them.

I was also…

When and where do animals and organisms practice peer-to-peer and cooperative behaviours, and what can we learn?

Lately I’ve been thinking of ‘wisdom’ as ‘sustainable intelligence’. Aka, intelligence that can be sustained on this earth, within planetary boundaries. Intelligence that does not lead itself to its own destruction.

With this definition, the wisdom of the natural world shines brighter than the wisdom of humans — despite the…

Learning Marathon bursaries

As part of our mission to host inclusive, local peer groups that champion diversity, we are announcing 2 bursaries for the next London Learning Marathon.

  • 1 bursary for someone who identifies as being from an underrepresented background, including but not limited to: BAME, LGBTQ, disabled, refugee or asylum seeker.
  • 1…

Zahra Davidson

Co-founder & Director @EnrolYourself | Affiliate School of #SystemsChange @Forum4theFuture | Formerly @yearhere @wearesnook

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